Thank you for visiting my website. I am a photographer from Northeast Mississippi and these are my passions:

Human Rights & Art
I believe photography has the power to elicit social change and act as a catalyst for the advancement of human rights. I am constantly on the look out for ways I can apply my photography  to assist humanitarian aid. To see some of my humanitarian work, visit my Lesotho or Zimbabwe galleries on my World page. 

Weddings & Photojournalism
I love shooting weddings with a journalistic approach.  Your wedding day should be spent enjoying the company of your friends and family; not stiffly posing in front of a camera. I intend to make your wedding day as enjoyable and memorable as possible. I’m a fan of the candid, the classy, and the unconventional. I aim to achieve a timeless, fun look that reflects the spirit of my subjects.

Also, I love to travel. Having a destination wedding? Let me know... I sometimes travel for free.